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Two Weddings: Part Two- Garrett and Ashlie

Garrett and Ashlie were married on August 17, 2012 in the Salt Lake City LDS temple.  They had been dating for over three years, and we'd been feeling for a while like she was almost a member of our family.  She'd seen us hug our kids and yell at them.  She'd been on camping trips with us and seen us with morning hair. Garrett and Ashlie have always had a relationship remarkably mature for their years. Ashlie is truly one of the nicest (to everyone), most compassionate people I know, and the two of them are a great fit for each other.

Right after he asked her
It was on one of our family camping trips that Garrett and Ashlie got engaged. Garrett was so cute and nervous.  He proposed to her on the beach when we first got to the Bear Lake.  Her family had secretly driven up there too, and we all waited in the bushes until he gave us the signal to jump out and share in their happiness.  

It was different being on the "grooms" side of wedding planning. Not as involved as with Mikell's wedding, but still a pretty big deal. 

Ashlie, as anyone who knows her could probably tell you, has a unique spirit.  She calls her style "hippie chic".  Ashlie designed her own ring, a green amethyst surrounded by a halo of diamonds.  She found her dress at a bridal store, then added sleeves and modified the hem to show off her crocheted barefoot sandals.  Instead of a veil, she wore a pretty headband.

My kids (old and new) outside the Salt Lake Temple
I volunteered to make the bridesmaids dresses for their wedding, just like I had for Mikell's.  They were made of off-white eyelit and had somewhat of the "hippie" vibe.  There was a bit of drama as necklines went up, came down, then back up again for some.  Sleeves were modified (too "poofy", don't like the bands) and ribbons added.  In the end, they turned out great, just like everything else Ashlie puts her mark on.   

Linens from Great Grandma

As part of our "grooms side" duties we were also responsible for the "Rehearsal" dinner the night before the wedding.  Partly out of my need to save money, and partly because we wanted to include everyone we could, we decided, against the advice of those who loved us and worried for our sanity, to do the whole dinner ourselves (with help from family and friends, of course).  It was actually lots of fun with yummy food, vintage decor (including handkerchiefs from Garrett's great-great grandma) gathered from here there and everywhere, and silly games and visiting.  

Mikell at the reception
The wedding itself was wonderful. I felt so blessed to be sitting there in the beautiful Salt Lake temple with my family around me.  SO blessed.  Couldn't keep the tears back no matter how hard I tried.

Ashlie and her family put on a great reception in her family's back yard.  It was beautiful and so much fun.  The highlight of the evening was when we all embarrassed ourselves by doing a "flash mob" on the family's deck.  Spence didn't want to do it at first, but we all ended up having a blast. You can watch us make fools of ourselves below.  

After the flashmob the reception wound down, paper lanterns were lit and released, the happy couple drove away and those brave (and crazy) enough jumped (clothes and all) into Ashlie's family's pool.  

A fitting end to a wonderful wedding and reception, Garrett and Ashlie style.  

What is your favorite memory from Garrett and Ashlie's wedding?  Leave a comment below.

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